Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2 Weeks Out

It's not entirely a reality yet. I'm still in Omaha, staying inside where the humidity can't find me and sometimes driving mindlessly around the city because it's so familiar; but all of this is about to change.

I have yet to begin packing, which shouldn't surprise anyone who knows me well. I procrastinate like it's my job. My "inability" to begin packing is also a way for me to not think about the fact that I'm leaving. There are still so many other things I'd rather focus on right now-here's a list:

1. My brother's wedding in 9 days. I still need shoes.
2. Finishing up at my job, only 4 days left! I'll miss my little babies at the daycare and my fantastic coworker, Natalie.
3. State testing for my CNA program is on Sunday. This is nerve wracking.
4. Grocery shopping--that's important. I'm out of groceries, then I'll blink and need to go again-just to get enough food to make it another couple days.
5. Seeing some Omaha friends before I head out. This will be impossible with my mad schedule, but I still think about this far more than I think about packing.

This list could be longer, but I'm overwhelming myself-and boring you. my life in Omaha has seemed somewhat monotonous, I'm beginning to get all sentimental as I drive by familiar places, soak up good memories, and spend time with friends I love dearly. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't at least tear up about something ridiculous like Scooter's coffee, or have a meltdown about how much I'll miss so and so...having emotion is exhausting.

I feel like the way I've spent my summer working and in class has minimized my time with people. I've spent the majority of my summer with tiny humans in a day care and then my weekends at a desk learning about bed making and perineal care (if you don't know, don't ask). I think in some ways this will benefit me, because I'm becoming more distant from relationships in Omaha. It's been an unintentional distance, but has happened nonetheless and I think there is some reason behind that. Perhaps less meltdowns while I sit in my room in Erie, Colorado wondering why God has called me there. I will have those moments, and I will miss my Omaha people more than I can anticipate.

Here's the kickoff to a new expedition. Starting nursing school in a new state, building new connections, and finding God's path for me. It sounds simple in one sentence...but that is one overwhelming amount of newness.

Ending here--before I become all sentimental again. More later.

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  1. Your moving to colorado!!! Where are you going to school?? We will have to do lunch when you get here :)